Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our new address

We seriously thought about staying in the downtown apartment. In the end though, it wasn't the best place for Federica, Sofia, Argus and me to start this new chapter in our lives. The apartment was just about perfect for one person, but in the past year we've grown into a clan. First Argus joined up last Spring, Fede last Fall, and now Sofia is on her way in late Summer or early Fall. It's been an exciting year that's brought a lot of changes, and we needed some room to grow.

The house is in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. The views may not be quite as dramatic as we had before, but there are some pretty nice ones here too. Three times more space doesn't hurt either. The second picture below is the living room, followed by the master bedroom and Sofia's room.

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Pay Katsuyuki said...

hi CWM.
how's it going?
this is Pay who you met in Tokyo. I hope you remember me.
my god! your new house is awesome. Such a nice vew, eh! and I'm happy you got your angel.
I wish we can get together again.
and let you know when I'll be able to go to Seattle. say hallo to your wife and your angel.
wish you all the best.


CWM said...

Hey Pay-

Thanks for the kind words, my friend. You guys showed me a really cool time in Tokyo. Thank you again. You made the visit to Japan that much better.

You've got a place to stay if you ever visit Seattle, just give us a shout before you come.

Take care!