Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Last of the Cruise Pictures

Sorry for the tardiness of this post, but after the long trip with the babies, a family-wide never-ending cold from hell, and an ever-expanding list of projects vying for an already limited attention span, well, this little project was quietly pushed to the back.
So more than anything, these pictures and videos are the result of my getting all of the phones, video cameras, regular cameras, and various memory cards from still other cameras all together and seeing what we missed the first time around. Quite a bit, apparently, but I've mercifully culled these few from hundreds of possibilities.
Not all of them were taken on the cruise; some were taken at the various ports of call. The first picture and video were taken at a restaurant in Napoli called Brandi, where pizza Margherita is claimed to have first been made some 120 years ago.

Fede, Sofia and friends from the cruise stand before the plaque that boldly claims to mark the birthplace of Pizza Margherita Here a dead ringer for Super Mario forms dozens of supplì.
Here the ever adventurous Sofia goes after a sfogliatella like she's being doing it for years. Mmmm!