Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Le Ragazze

La Famigliola Cresce

Sofia has made the transition to having some "solid" food in addition to her standard milk. I guess I never gave much thought to what comprises babyfood outside of the U.S., so I was pleasantly surprised* to see the elaborate feeding instructions from our Roman pediatrician. Her diet now includes extra virgin olive oil (there are special brands of Italian oil just for babies), veal, pasta (very small pasta), formaggino and something called biscottino biberon, which appears to be powdered biscotti, and goes into her bottle to make her milk taste wonderful. She's enjoying the new menu so much that she's already getting sturdy after just one week.
*Well I guess I wasn't too surprised after having seen the bizarre babyfood at the grocery store a few months ago. But still...